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Wax Warmer Hack

Silicone Cupcake Baking Cup

This hack will blow your mind, and it's so simple, yet we never thought of it until now.

You know those silicone cupcake baking cups? Yeah, well, use those to hold your wax when you put it on your warmer!

It's that simple.

No mess. Easy cleanup.

Write on the bottom of the baking cups the name of the scent so you don't forget. Just wait until the wax hardens before taking it off and putting a fresh scent on. No more worrying about getting wax all over the place. The mold keeps it all contained, so you can easily switch in and out depending on your mood. I tend to store everything in a Ziploc bag, just to keep the scents contained and put them in a basket or shelf near the warmer, so I can pick and choose as I please.

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