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10 Easy Tips To Make Consulting Easy

Make Consulting Easy With Our Products

Don't be afraid to jump into the fray and start your own business. I was this way years ago, and then I found out that the worst that could happen is I would fail. Failure is not that scary and not something to be ashamed of. Thankfully, the Country line of products we offer on the Country Scents, Country Suds, and Country Natural sites, make it easy to find something for everyone - selling is a breeze. If you are still having trouble, or just can't decide if you want to do it, look below at some tips and tricks to make your consulting journey easy! 

Here are 10 useful tips to guide you:

1. Put your heart into it.
You should believe in your product or service – authenticity and sincerity need to be obvious.  If you're just in it for the short term, people will see that and not trust that their business nor money is going to the right place.

2. Ignore the nay-sayers.
People will put you down and put you off because your success reminds them of their failure and makes them feel bad about themselves. Is this your problem?  No. Just remain positive, and shoot for success.

3. Sell yourself first.
Your potential customers must trust you. Be upfront in all your dealings, deliver the goods you say you’re going to deliver, and honor any commitments you make.

4. Listen!
Focus on what your customer is saying.  They know if you’re trying to sell them something they’re not looking for. Listen so you can understand what they honestly want and be able to give them something that works.

5. Show them you’re selling quality.
Good salesmanship involves doing right by the customer, and you’re not going to do that if you’re selling something you know is an inferior product. People are looking for things that are well-made yet affordable. If your competition is selling a similar product at a cheaper price, point out why your product has more value than theirs.

6. Maintain contact, especially after the sale.
A follow-up call is all about making the connection last. It lets the customer know that the experience was not about you making the sale but about him being happy with his purchase. It will make a positive impression on him.

7. Maintain a positive and happy attitude.
Don’t badmouth your competition. Be genuine.

8. Put your customer before the sale.
People are dissatisfied with bad, pushy salespersons, and now there are more companies to choose from and it is easy to find new places to do business with by going online.  In fact, they don’t even have to buy from you – there is a whole world out there selling what they want for cheaper prices and you have to compete with that.  What you have going for you is quality and terrific customer service!

9. Sell people what they want.
Don’t try to sell somebody something they don’t want just to make a sale – you’ll only annoy them and ruin the possibilities of doing future business with them.

10. Don't be afraid.
Don’t be afraid to sell.  You need to make sales to stay in business.  Remember, it isn’t the selling that is “evil” – it is the way you go about it.

If you interested in being a consultant with the Country line of products we offer, feel free to click the links below. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

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